A Journey with Mark The 50 Day Bible Challenge

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Take a journey through the Gospel of Mark with fifty days of scripture readings, meditations, questions, and prayers. Dynamic spiritual leaders and authors serve as guides, writing from around the world. A Journey with Mark is an extension of The Bible Challenge, a global initiative to encourage daily engagement with scripture and an exploration of the Word of God.


Authors include: W. Frank Allen, Stephen Backhouse, David Chillingworth, C. Andrew Doyle, Jeremy Duff, Philip Freir, Deirde Good, Margaret Guenther, Fred Hiltz, Brenda G. Husson, Alan Jones, James B. Magness, Daniel P. Matthews, June Osborne, Brian N. Prior, William L. Sachs, Edward L. Salmon Jr., Jay Sidebotham, Jennifer Strawbridge, Phyllis Tickle, Christopher Wells, Jane Williams, Mary Kate Wold, Chris Yaw, Marek P. Zabriskie.

Marek P. Zabriskie
Forward Movement