A Year with American Saints

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Here, in a single volume, G. Scott Cady and Christopher L. Webber have profiled a broad and inclusive cross section of American pilgrims of the faith, some very famous, others less well-known men and women from all periods of America's history and all major Christian faith traditions. From the pre-revolutionary era to the twentieth century, their accomplishments and spiritual journeys are examples of perseverance, courage, and holiness. 

From Robert Hunt, first chaplain of the Jamestown colony in Virginia, who gave pastoral care and support to settlers who were far from home and struggling with disease and hardship--to Rosa Parks, whose quiet, dignified resistance to segregation signaled a dramatic change in the Civil Rights movement, A Year with American Saints encompasses the joy and drama of the Christian story in America.

While entries have been arranged to provide historical and chronological variety, a handy calendar guide allows the reader to remember individuals on their birthdays or death dates. With one profile and related writing or saying for every day of the year, A Year with American Saints is destined to become a classic--an ideal volume for individual use as part of a daily reading-and-prayer regimen, and a rich source of sermon material for preachers.

G. Scott Cady and Christopher L. Webber