Being Called, Being Gay

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• Offers insight into the issue of vocation and ministry for a large number of prospective clergy
• Continues the conversation on LGBTQ incorporation into the life of the church

Along with the United Church of Christ, the Episcopal Church has been in the vanguard in opening up the option of ordination to holy orders for partnered gay and lesbian people. As a result, many gays and lesbians are considering an option, which just a decade ago, would have been impossible. The question then becomes, "Does God want me—in my full integrity as a gay "out" person— as a priest in the church?"

This is the first book to look at the issue of discernment in the Episcopal Church while simultaneously taking seriously the dynamics for a gay person seeking to discern his or her future in the church.

Audience: LGBTQ persons considering ordination, heterosexual church leaders seeking insights about the new wave of possible leaders in ministry

Gregory Millikin