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Comfort Critter® shares love, support, and concern with those you care about.

Comfort Critter® is an ultra-soft, plush monkey with a cuddly body, a friendly face, and a huggable factor that's off the charts. With its heart-shaped pocket of caring messages, the Comfort Critter is a perfect gift for kids and grownups experiencing challenges, change, or celebration.

In the beautifully illustrated children's book, God Made Tears: A Comfort Critter Tale, Gracie's Comfort Critter, Monk Monk, teaches her that God made tears to help wash away our hurt. The message of the book is that sharing your emotion is the path to healing.

Comfort Critter Kit includes:
• Super-soft, plush monkey (14" tall)
• Removable cape, which converts to a zipped carrying bag to hold all the pieces
• Heart-shaped message cards to place in Monk Monk's heart pocket
• Full-color, picture book 8.5 x 11
• Handled box for easy transport

Audience: Ages 6 and above experiencing times of challenge, change, and celebration (such as illness, separation and divorce, loss/grief, summer camp, birthday and graduations, life transitions), and adults (any age) in need of comfort in light of illness, divorce, aging and dementia, loss and grief, or celebrating milestones

Lisa Nass