Cross Words: A Devotional for Youth

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Youth (and their parents, mentors, and leaders) are continually seeking a devotional from a mainline Christian perspective that honors them. Different than many youth devotionals, which use punitive language and the context of purity, Cross Words is a devotional for students that is engaging and realistic about their brokenness alongside God’s redeeming grace and forgiveness. It will help them walk through the daily blessings and challenges of life, offering opportunities to consider how their faith might be strengthened through those experiences.

Each week offers a brief reflection followed by a question to ponder, Scripture, prayer, or quote to use as a daily touchstone in the coming days, set in a format with open space for their own writing and drawing. Using approachable wording that doesn’t require them to learn a new language in order to understand the reflection will appeal to today's teens. Meeting young people where they are on their journey, it can be used for personal devotion or in educational settings, youth meetings, confirmation classes, mission trips, pilgrimages, retreats, coffee shops, or with families around the supper tabl