Crossing Myself: A Story of Spiritual Rebirth

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Since its initial publication in 2006, Crossing Myself, Greg Garrett's memoir of faith and depression, has been read, appreciated, and passed on by church leaders and fellow sufferers to those who might benefit from reading it. A book marked by honesty, literary craft, and theological reflection, Crossing Myself has been valued by readers from Rowan Williams, the past Archbishop of Canterbury, to readers who have run across it in libraries and used book bins at a low moment in their lives. This new Morehouse edition of the book not only restores it to print and to Greg's original intentions, but includes a new Foreword in which he talks about how Crossing Myself has been received over the last decade and why it continues to be a book that speaks to those who are suffering and to those who minister to them. The author of My Church Is Not Dying again offers readers a gift filled with hope: the account of how a church and The Church saved his life, and how being part of a faithful community might rescue others suffering from despair and depression.