Dream Builder

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Joseph was a dreamer. He had them. He could interpret them. He embraced them. He lived the dream God built in his heart–and saved the lives of many. His story can be your story. Your dream will be different, but God’s truth remains the same. Just like Joseph, you are here for a purpose greater than yourself.

Step in Joseph’s shoes as you journey through Genesis for six weeks and learn how to study the Bible for yourself. You will be challenged. Challenged to discover and move into your God-given dream. Challenged to live the adventure by listening to the Holy Spirit. Challenged to learn what is really important: loving and serving others. Challenged to embrace the reality that God can use you to save the lives of many.

Are you walking in step with your God-given destiny?  When you do, you can set the world on fire with God’s love and make an eternal difference.

Chapter titles for Dream Builder, Joseph and the Patriarchs:

  1. The Dream
  2. Daughter of the Dream Builder
  3. His Treasure
  4. Beyond Measure
  5. Reconciliation
  6. Her Heart for His Glory
Aliene Thompson