Governance and Ministry, Second Edition by Dan Hotchkiss

Rowman & Littlefield

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This book is a exciting and informative "upgrade" of the first edition where Hotchkliss shared the needed skills and methods for congregations negotiating "our way" of governance and for passing the torch effectively to new leaders. The second edition is reorganixed to help readers find what they are looking for including streamlined diagrams and terminology. Hotchkiss has also added Chapters 7-11 which are "almost completely new". "Chapter 7 addresses congregation size, Chapter 8 paints a picture of life after governance change, Chapters 9 & 10 walk through the governance change process, and Chapter 11 addresses the lay-clergy partnership." Appendix A includes policy writing tips and Appendix B includes a complete example of a Board Policy Book. 

Governance in Ministry, Second Edition, offers new tools and coaching that are essential for successful organizational change. Hotchkiss offers ways to deal with the stress of change and how congregrational life will be positively improved afterwards. This book should be on the must-have resource list of every congregational leader.

Much of the decline of churches has nothing to do with theology, ideology, or tradition. It has everything to do with tedious, tentative, exhausting, and ineffective decision-making in a world of fast-paced change and exploding diversity. Organizational change is more urgent than ever. This book will not only help you do it—it will make you glad you did. - Thomas G. Bandy, Director of Thriving Church Consulting

If our faith is held as a 'treasure in earthen vessels' then it matters deeply how we use those vessels called congregations. Board, staff, and members need to fulfill their critical roles and align appropriately for mission. Dan Hotchkiss helps. He provides a rich mix of ideas, language, models, and steps to help congregations use leadership well. And Dan writes like he talks—engagingly, with wisdom, and skirted with humor. It’s good. - Gil Rendle, Senior Vice-President, Texas Methodist Foundation

Dan Hotchkiss