Holy Cross, Life Giving Tree

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A historical perspective of the image of the cross as one of life instead of death

Holy Cross, Life-Giving Tree explores the Cross as a metaphor of new creation rather than an instrument of death by exploring the roots of the Life-Giving Tree deep in Church tradition, worship, and art.  It uses Hildegard of Bingen's concept of virditas—"green-ness"—as a way to know experience the Cross in daily life and claim the Cross as healer of division, both among followers of Jesus and among the nations. Illustrated with images of the Cross from across the Christian world, the book compares Eastern Christian liturgies of the Cross with those of the West, recounts the origins of the early cults of the Cross in Jerusalem, and invites readers to meditate on Scripture passages used by ancient artists. Each of its six chapters ends with reflection questions. This book designed for use by both individuals and groups.



192 Pages, PAPERBACK