House Blessing with Guardian Angels, Handmade Desktop Wooden Sculpture

In The Company Of Saints

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The entire piece is handmade, including the frame. It has designs on both sides and is made to stand on a table, desk, or counter. The tile on the front depicts a house, with a family and animals on the porch, with guardian angels above. The description on the back reads:

Belief in guardian angels is ancient. The idea is that all individuals–and groups, like families– have a specific spiritual force that guides and protects them through both momentous and ordinary aspects of life. In this tableau a family (a couple, a child, a cat, a dog) are in the midst of their day-to-day lives as two angels, assisted by a wise owl, watch over them, keeping them safe. The piece was handmade by Hank and Karen Schlau at In the Company of Saints in Natchez, MS.

Dimensions: 4 3/8 inches high x 4 inches wide x 1 1/4 inches w at base