Lectionary Levity: The Use of Humor in Preaching

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  • Addresses all 156 Gospel readings in the 3-year lectionary cycle
  • Provides basic exegetical summary and then concludes with humorous story or joke

Spanning all 3 years of the lectionary cycle, this book provides a welcome tool for the renewal of preaching from the gospel readings. In a concise, uniform, and simple format, the authors provide a thematic summary of the gospel, list several possible points for preaching, and offer a humorous story for the week that illumines the deeper meaning of the biblical text.

Lectionary Levity also functions as a practical manual on how to use humor in preaching and allows the reader to view the gospel in a different light so as to enliven the worship experience.

A treasure trove of biblical insights, homiletical helps, and just good humor!

Audience: Clergy wanting new angles into preaching the gospel readings, laity desiring fresh insights into familiar texts