Living With Dying

Concordia Publishing

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The grief you know through the loss of a loved one may be the most disruptive experience in your life. No one is immune to loss and grief and the moments of doubt, fear, questioning, and anger that can accompany it.

The uncertainty and fear at the approach of one's own death can be overwhelming. But as Christians we stay focused on the certainty of Christ's mercy, grace, and salvation.

Through devotions, prayers, Scripture, and hymns this little book brings comfort, peace, encouragement, and hope to those who have lost a loved one or those preparing for their own death. This Christ-centered devotional is designed as a convenient take-along resource to help the reader find the comfort provided by the Christian understanding of death. Because of Jesus' death and resurrection we realize that even while dying and death can cause pain and grief, death has no ultimate power over us.

Scot A. Kinnaman