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On Sexuality and Scripture

Church Publishing

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• Of interest to biblical scholars, students, and those following the international debate on same-sex issues
• Internationally-known authors
• Demonstrates serious students of Scripture can find good news for LGBTQ people and churches that affirm them in the Bible and the life and teachings of Jesus

The Chicago Consultation has sponsored consultations in South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana on Scripture and sexuality. With papers, Bible studies, and personal essays from American, African, and other international scholars, this book offers a new way of approaching sacred texts to discover what the Bible does and does not say about human sexuality.

The Chicago Consultation has developed a reputation for civil conversation among those on multiple sides of issues related to gender equality. Their work in Africa builds on that reputation, now reaching international biblical scholars and students.

Audience: individual readers attempting to understand the Bible’s teachings on sexuality in a different light, pastoral and educational leaders in communities seeking a way to examine issues of sexuality and authority from a scriptural perspective, LGBTQ Christians seeking life-giving interpretations of Biblical text.