Preparing an Episcopal Funeral

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Developed for the Episcopal Church 
• Incorporates liturgy and music suggestions according to the Book of Common Prayer 
and other approved pastoral rites 
• A proven, practical tool already used by thousands, with new articles for the Episcopal 
Church audience 
Funeral planning is one of the most challenging things a family or priest may ever do, 
whether it is honoring the death of a loved one or long-time member of the congregation. 
This simple guide explains the Episcopal theology of celebrating a life alongside grief, while 
offering practical guidelines and forms for planning and arranging funerals. All content is in 
accordance to the Book of Common Prayer (1979) and approved liturgical supplementary 
This new book remedies the lack of resources regarding the Episcopal funeral service, 
building upon the format and success of Preparing a Catholic Funeral. Sales history of 
the Catholic edition indicates that these books are often purchased in bulk by various 
institutions to distribute to members in advance of death and to the families of the 
deceased before or after a death.

Rob Boulter, Kenneth Koehler