Radically Obedient

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Joshua was a radically obedient servant of God who led the Israelites out of the wilderness and into their inheritance – the Promised Land. Walk in his steps as youMeditate > Mark > Move > Memorize your way through the Scriptures. This nine week study shows you how to study God’s Word, allowing the Holy Spirit to be your teacher. Discover for yourself that, like Joshua, Jesus can lead us out of our wilderness and into our Promised Land. 

God wants ALL of his children to receive and enjoy their spiritual inheritance. However, this pursuit of the Promised Land does not mean following a formula. It is not a regimen, but our Redeemer who can take us by the hand into our inheritance. It is there, resting in the loving arms of Jesus, that we CAN become the radically obedient mighty warriors God created us to be.  

Chapter titles for Radically Obedient: The study of Joshua:

  1. Radical Love
  2. Be Strong and Courageous
  3. Rescued
  4. The New Covenant
  5. Strongtower
  6. Blessed Assurance
  7. Victory
  8. Your Call, Your Choice
  9. The Faithfulness and Promises of God
Aliene Thompson