Restreaming: Thriving in the Currents of Retirement

Church Publishing

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• Short, pithy reflections illumine all the issues involving retirement living.
• Series of reflections, both personal and universal, that address key life issues and perspectives
• All royalties from Restreaming will be sent to St. Vincent's Centre for Children with Disabilities in Haiti.

Working with the metaphor of a kayak paddling in a new, downstream current of retirement, prominent Wellness expert Bill Craddock offers an array of provocative reflections as a way to invite the reader to envision new opportunities, new relationships, new ways of being. The primary purpose of these reflections is to entertain, edify, and to prepare those anticipating retirement or actually retired with gentle yet intentional paddle strokes for guiding their life (kayak) into their later years.

Audience: Readers in their senior years who are facing retirement or already in retirement