Shaped by Worship Liturgy and Formation

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The newest book in the Little Books on Liturgy series, focused on the intersection of liturgy and formation.

Juan Oliver, former custodian of the Book of Common Prayer, outlines why rituals and liturgy have great meaning in forming individuals and communities. His work is focused on topics such as the sacraments, worship, mystery and the sacred.

Ideal for group or individual study in churches, seminaries, and schools of ministry.

Praise for the Little Books on Liturgy series:

“These little books are a scripturally and theologically grounded series that guides the reader to engage and answer the question through the lens of the Anglican liturgical and lectionary traditions. I will return to these books often as I continue to live this question in both liturgy and life.”
—The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis

“The Little Books on Liturgy series is a gift to the church that will inspire parish conversations, liturgy planners, and individual study. These are great resources that deserve wide circulation and broad engagement.”

Juan Oliver