The Art of Calm

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As anxiety grows as a mental health concern, a practical guide for using art to manage stress.

Honest stories of the author’s descent into fear and anxiety, a diagnosis of mental illness, and how he found his way back to a place of stability and health inform this inspiring guidebook for those struggling with anxiety, fear, and panic. Told with vulnerability and compassion, the author’s story and the practices he provides will inspire and encourage readers who face a diagnosis of anxiety and depression. Reflection questions, journaling prompts, and practices will help readers lead a more grounded and centered life.

Hutchison found photography as a daily practice during his recovery helped him to slow down, see the world through from new perspectives, get out in nature, and live more contemplatively. The exercises and reflections included at the end of each chapter encourage readers to try out a variety of creative practices to find their way to a more centered and peaceful life. Practices range from photography, art, music, and meditation to cooking and hiking and help the reader reset their outlook, and find themselves again amidst inner and outer turmoil. Hutchison's guiding voice will show readers they are not alone.