The Episcopal Handbook Revised Edition

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The original Episcopal Handbook, published in 2008, was an instant classic and has
been a bestseller ever since. Still providing helpful and insightful information about the
Episcopal ethos with a certain amount of whimsy and complete accessibility, this revision
maintains the best features of the original work, but adds an update and an expansion on
the church today.

In addition to updating out-of-date references, the revision highlights Episcopal
diversity—including more women and people of color in the biographical material—
as well as focusing more on Episcopalians rather than Anglicans. Some new illustrations
are included as well.

Some material originally presented in tabular form has been adapted into a more
accessible narrative format. This includes new sections on church governance, the origins
of religious belief, and a capsule summary of church history. The glossary has also been

The goal is to provide a book suitable for a wide range of uses and settings: for Sunday
schools, confirmations, inquirer classes—and for everyone from visitors to vestries. The
revision brokers an incredible compendium of information in an informal, user-friendly,
and accessible format.

For lifelong Episcopalians, newcomers, and those wishing to sample and explore the
beliefs and organization of the denomination.

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