The Worried Wiseman

Morehouse Publishing

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A heartwarming and encouraging story told through beautiful 3D clay art illustrations.

One of the wisemen, Melchior, has the same dream night after night in which he is urged to follow a newly risen star. Worried about the perils he might encounter but certain he must make the trip, he embarks on the journey with his nonchalant and wise camel, Nubia. What follows is a rich and engaging tale full of interesting meetings along the path, that ultimately help him gain confidence in himself.

In these days when we all live with some sense of worry and anxiety, the book offers to children—and parents—a way to think about how we make the journey through life together and how we find calm and hope even when things feel uncertain.

Hardcover, 11.5" x 8", 48 Pages


About the Author:

SUSAN EADDY is the author of Eenie Meenie Halloweenie, and her clay-illustrated books include Papa Fish’s Lullaby and My Love for You Is the Sun. She was an Art Director for fifteen years, has served as a judge for the Audie Awards, and has won international 3D illustration awards and a Grammy nomination.


Susan Eaddy