This Bread and This Cup: Episcopal Communion Instruction for Children

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With This Bread & This Cup, children will learn about the sacrament of Eucharist while they're having fun! From a guided tour of the church to hands-on time with the elements of communion to unique activities that explore the eucharistic service from The Book of Common Prayer, children will thoroughly enjoy these experiences designed to help them to join more fully with their parish community and the larger communion of saints. The program includes with an interactive Communion Service just for them! 

This full-color, interactive guidebook for children offers:

  • Individual and shared activities
  • Prayers and reflections
  • Explanations and definitions of terms
  • Writing and drawing space for personalizing

This Bread & This Cup is a program for children and their families. The intended age is 6-9 but could also be used with younger children. The Child's Book assumes the child can read, or it is used with a parent who does the reading.