Words That Listen: A Literary Companion to the Lectionary

Church Publishing

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• A two volume set. Available only as a shrink-wrapped set in a slip case
• An accessible and distinctive anthology of texts to support preaching and enhance individual devotion
• Consulting editors include former Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold, Cynthia Kitteridge, Mark Oakley (Canon Chancellor, St. Paul's Cathedral, London)
• Volume 1 covers Advent to Ascension, Volume 2 Pentecost to end of Church Year

The great themes of faith are also the great themes of literature and the arts. As we come to terms with God, hope, faith, tragedy, guilt, fear, and love, so the poets, writers, musicians, and artists pick up the same themes, and their understanding can enrich and deepen our own. Words That Listen brings these two worlds together.
For each gospel, Markham and Hawkins offer four connecting resource suggestions—e.g., a poem, extract from a novel, a film/television/sporting illustration, and/or a humorous story—to illuminate, make connections, and spark new ways of looking at familiar stories. The suggestions for each Sunday include a brief summary and explanation of the extracts.