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You Belong To The Bridegroom

Treasured Ministries

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You belong with me and there is no other…Jesus is calling to your heart to trust Him completely.

With whom or where are you placing your trust?

In our attempts to gain security in an insecure world, women often anchor their souls to shifting sources they can see such as people, positions, our possessions or our self-protective measures to safe guard our hearts. And we look to ourselves. I can fix it. If only I can make them like me. If only I can do this better. If only I can succeed. I can work harder and better. I can be better. These avenues may provide temporary relief but eventually leave our souls thirsty, our bodies weary and our minds filled with anxiety – only one source can give us everlasting rest for our souls and his name is Jesus.

You Belong to the Bridegroom is a journey to finding your security and trust in your heavenly husband, Jesus. Many times in the Bible, believers’ relationship with Christ is compared to the marriage relationship, illustrating Jesus’ desire for a deep relationship of trust with us—a relationship so intimate and secure that we trust him completely and follow him with the assurance of his love. Come journey through the gospel of Mark and see Jesus as everything you will ever need to satisfy your soul. Only Christ can complete our lives and give us the security we need so we can truly give to others.

You belong with the bridegroom  ….believe… trust ….. let your journey begin.

Chapter titles for You Belong to the Bridegroom, Study of the Gospel of Mark:

  1. He Speaks
  2. The Proposal
  3. In the Arms of His Presence
  4. Freedom
  5. Seeds of Security
  6. Rock of Ages
  7. The Dance
  8. Her Heart
  9. My Fathers House
  10. No Holding Back
  11. Quiet Strength
  12. His Passion
Aliene Thompson