A Lector's Guide and Commentary to the Revised Common Lectionary: Year C

St. Mark's Press

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A LECTOR’S GUIDE AND COMMENTARY assists those whose calling, responsibility, and privilege it is to proclaim the Word of God through the public reading of Holy Scripture. The Guide provides a brief, reliable commentary for each lectionary reading, and then offers suggestions for how the text can be delivered so that the biblical Story might have its full impact on the Christian community gathered for worship. Pronunciations for biblical words and names are also included for each reading.

     The Guide is for use by any Christian tradition or congregation that follows the Revised Common Lectionary; it even includes the adaptations authorized for use in The Episcopal Church.

     Although designed first and foremost for lectors and lay readers, the Guide has also been developed with other groups and uses in mind. It can be used to trigger discussions in Sunday School or a small group Bible study. It can serve as a resource for personal study, reflection, and devotion. It also functions as a first stop for preachers and teachers. In short, A Lector’s Guide and Commentary is for anyone who wants to read the Bible with under­stand­ing.

J. Ted Blakely