Church, Creation, and the Common Good: Guidance in the Age of Climate Crisis

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• A youth and adult study
• Engages participants in how we should now live into this time of climate change crisis

It is hard to be hopeful in the face of climate crisis. The problem is on a scale difficult for us to understand. Actions needed to address the crisis require a radical change in way of life. Does the Church have anything unique to offer? Is there something in our life of community, worship, and prayer that suggests a different way through this time?

Church, Creation, and the Common Good is a program resource offering a hopeful answer to these challenges. Through scripture, tradition, and Christian practice, it guides church communities into deeper understanding of their role as the Church in the world and how they might be communities for the common good in this time. This curricular resource is sure to foster rich conversations and provide a path toward love of all creation and our particular places as we face the climate crisis together.

Audience: Congregations: adults, youth, young adults; schools/; Episcopal, seminaries, colleges; environmentalists: Ekklesia Project

Regan Sutterfield and Emily Sutterfield