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Confession: Finding Freedom and Forgiveness

Paraclete Press

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This book explores the Sacrament of Confession focusing on the two people who confess – God and the penitent. God is the primary confessor when he confesses his forgiveness for and trust in the one who is celebrating the sacrament.  The gift of freedom, the existence of hell, and the role of conscience are discussed at length. 
Jean Vanier in his foreword says: “Somewhere, along the line, in the history of the Church, people have become more centred upon obedience to laws than upon the relationship with love of Jesus. This book flows from an understanding of Confession as a meeting of love and as a renewal of friendship.”
How that friendship is renewed is explored using the Rite of Penance and St. Peter in the Gospel. This helps us understand what happens in the sacrament and how we can celebrate it. Ultimately, Fr. Paul describes reconciliation as God’s gift to us to express God’s humble forgiveness and his confidence in us and also the place where we take responsibility for our lives.  

Paul Farren
Jean Vanier