Embracing Interfaith Cooperation: Eboo Patel on Coming Together to Change the World - WORKBOOK

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Embracing Interfaith Cooperation is a 5 to 10-week study for adults, young adults and high school teens. The study's appealing video-journal format invites engagement and response.

Join interfaith commentator Eboo Patel as he explores what it means to be “literate” about other faiths, how interfaith cooperation “works” and why, the skills needed for interfaith cooperation and the significant role that our institutions, including colleges and faith communities, can play in this process. 

The Five Sessions

  • Session 1:  Interfaith Cooperation in American History 
  • Session 2: Interfaith Literacy
  • Session 3: The Science of Interfaith Cooperation
  • Sesison 4: The Art of Interfaith Leadership
  • Session 5: The Role of Colleges, Seminaries and Houses of Worship

This resource features two components:

1) Small group DVD (Sold separately) with five 10-15 minute presentations by Eboo Patel, each of which is followed by video of Patel interacting with a small, diverse group of adults and young adults as they respond and discuss
interfaith issues

2) Participant Workbook containing all the material needed by class participants and the group facilitator.


YouTube Video with More Information on Embracing Interfaith Cooperation

Eboo Patel with Tim Scorer