Faithful Neighbors

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  • Virginia Theological Seminary-based program
  • Inspiring stories of interfaith conversation and partnership around the corner and around the world
  • Episcopalians and Muslims telling their stories, so you can tell yours

Based on the strong, on-going work of the Center for Anglican Studies at Virginia Theological Seminary, Faithful Neighbors outlines an introduction to the rationale for interfaith work through both theological and practical viewpoints, using stories from real experiences of interfaith cooperation to offer encouragement, inspiration, and practical steps to do the same.

The book has eight chapters in three main sections. Section one provides a Christian and Muslim rationale for engaging with the Other. Section two outlines stories of those involved in interfaith work in a series of contexts: academic research, intercultural, pastoral care, youth work, and peace work. The concluding section details recommendations and resources for best practice. Faithful Neighbors exhorts both Muslims and Christians to be faithful neighbors drawing on their traditions and real life practice for the sake of life-giving community.

Audience: Particularly aimed at those with little or no interfaith experience as believers, faith leaders, prospective leaders, and members of local faith communities and people in the pews. The assumption is that, as members of faith communities, the audience will have some awareness of major religious and theological categories and concepts.