Letters from the Farm A Simple Path for a Deeper Spiritual Life

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Becca Stevens, best-selling author, high-profile social activist and one of the premiere preachers in the U.S., extolls the power of love in this new collection of essays intended for everyone from church leaders to seekers.

“Love is my grounding,” says Becca Stevens. “It provides the axioms that inform and
govern what I do. First is that love is the most powerful source for social change in the
world. Second is that love heals. I’m not called to change the world. I am called to love it.”

“All spiritual paths can be walked more gracefully by avoiding the pitfall of
disillusionment and not getting distracted by the bright lights of ego that have
led countless priests far afield. Following simple road signs like courage, humility,
forgiveness, compassion, and faithfulness that others have put at the crossroads for me
has made the work possible and left me grateful. I want to pass along through these
letters a tradition of a priesthood that is grounded in the idea that love heals and healing
is the central-most sacrament of the church.”

For seminarians, priests, and pastors across denominational lines, plus readers of
Stevens’ earlier works and supporters of Thistle Farms and Magdalene projects.

Becca Stevens