Pilgrimage of Grace: Perilous Power

James Lupton

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Here is the sequel to Pilgrimage of Grace: Turbulent Youth.

On his last visit to Middleton Hall, Lady Blanche, incoherent with too much mead, had come close to revealing names of the murderers when an unexpected interruption had stopped her. Determined to get her talking again, Roger returned, this time with even more potent mead. Assured of privacy, he moved more slowly, invited her into his lap and gently caressed her. His first goal was to get her to sell him the land he needed then lure her into confession. He almost had the information he wanted but suddenly she turned the tables and trapped him in his own game. After several miserable days languishing in her prison he was surprised when she visited him in his cell. She offered options to execution. "You'll do anything to lure another man into your bed," he responded, making a bad situation worse, "what you really need, milady is a good strapping." Thus continues James Lupton's riveting sequel to Turbulent Youth,: Perilous Power, a surprising and satisfying conclusion to a mystifying murder conspiracy.

James Lupton