Realizing Beloved Community Report from the House of Bishops Theology Committee

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A major study on the theology of Beloved Community.

This long awaited work by the Church's top clergy, scholars and thought leaders examines the theological foundation of Beloved Community and its threats. It addresses such important topics as the legacy and sin of white supremacy, economic disparity, racial healing, and the call for reparations. The committee's work sheds light on the societal and cultural implications of the largest obstacle to the core mission of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and outlines what is necessary for the future of racial justice.

"I am so grateful for the... work of the theologians and bishops who have spent the last five years working on [this study] . . . This is hard and holy work, not to hurt or harm, but to help and heal."
—Michael B. Curry, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church

Michael B. Curry
Larry R. Benfield
Allen K. Shin