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Reckless Love

Church Publishing

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• Stories of Jesus that speak to the grace of God
• Builds upon the Jesus Movement and evangelism initiatives in the Episcopal Church

Its momentum building, the "Jesus Movement" is unfolding, with Episcopalians longing to embody our branch of the movement in the world. John Newton's contribution is this look at God's reckless love. His aim is not for the head, but for the heart, to connect people with their passion and love for Jesus Christ, reawakening what may be dormant, because ultimately, it is not clever ideas but passion that mobilizes people.

The Jesus Movement is not about our move toward God, but about a God who is for us in Christ Jesus, constantly moving toward fragile and broken humanity, recklessly loving us in all seasons and circumstances. Newton draws heavily from the gospels, and speaks to the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Each chapter begins with a gospel passage used to challenge the way we think about God, love, morality, grace, mission, evangelism, and the church.

Three discussion questions in each chapter and the book can be used as a 10-week study, with groups discussing two chapters at a time. Chapters are intentionally short, and each unpacks a specific episode in Jesus's life that illuminates the reckless love of God in Christ.