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Seek and You Will Find Discovering a Practice of Prayer

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Winner of a 2023 Illumination Award for Spirituality!


Prayer is a primary way Christians fulfill the Great Commandment to love God, our neighbor, and ourselves, and it’s the foundation of everything else we do to show that love. Yet, for something so integral to the practice of our faith, prayer remains stubbornly mysterious. What happens when we pray? Do our prayers change anything? How should we pray? These questions persist.


Although some of these mysteries won't be resolved on this side of eternal life, Jesus calls his disciples to pray anyway and assures us that our prayers matter. In prayer, we consciously devote time to cultivating our relationship with God, trusting that this relationship can transform our souls, our lives, and the world. But even when we want to pray, the question remains: How do we pray?


Rhonda Mawhood Lee explores practices from the Lord’s Prayer to praying with the psalms and in song, from the eucharist and the rosary to “moving” prayers offered when walking a labyrinth, doodling, baking, or devoting another activity to God. Scripture and tradition show us that when we seek God through prayer, we will find, by grace, the One who has already reached out to us in love. Seek and You Will Find is a comforting, challenging, and instructive companion in your quest to develop the relationship God deeply desires with you.

Rhonda Lee
Forward Movement