The Call: Discovering Why You Are Here

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The final book in Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s bestselling trilogy opens us to finding and consciously living the meaning and purpose―the unique calling―at the center of our lives


In The Invitation, visionary writer and teacher Oriah Mountain Dreamer wrote about what we long for. In The Dance, her second book, she explored how to live this longing. Now, in The Call, she shares with us her struggle with and discovery of “why”―why we are here and why we must each undertake the journey from longing to living fully and deeply in the world.

Like her previous bestsellers, The Call is filled with moving stories and wisdom born of experience, an intimate and insightful exploration of Oriah’s journey to heed her own call, which comes in often unexpected forms. Readers journey with Oriah into the recognition that to be fully human is to consciously live what we are―an echo of the sacred Presence that is beyond all thought―through the messy reality of who we are.

Gently challenging and persistently practical, Oriah guides the reader in living every day awake to the essence of who we are, showing us how to find and embody the meaning in our lives in the unique way we are each called to do so. The Call takes us on a journey into living a deeply spiritual and wholly human life.