Servanthood: Leadership for the Third Millennium

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In a world, and in churches, so often caught up in a relentless pursuit of power, Bishop Bennett Sims challenges us all to look afresh at what it means to be servants of one another. It is an invigorating, deeply enriching experience! His conclusions are sometimes radical, and we shall not agree with all of them, but they always stem from his own deep love for God and God's people. I commend it for study, discussion, and, where appropriate, prayerful action. George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury We need more books like this, those that ask us to boldly rethink our ideas about leadership and power. Bennett Sims guides us through a compelling and spirit-full journey that changes our ideas about how we lead, and how we follow. Margaret J. Wheatley, author of 'Leadership and the New Science' Bennett Sims is a man who practices what he preaches. His Institute for Servant Leadership has illumined the lives of hundreds of leaders, in fields ranging from religion to social change to business and industry. May thousands more read this book and benefit from its wisdom. Parker J. Palmer, author of 'The Active Life' and 'A Company of Strangers' This book provides the key ingredient to an understanding of what leadership is all about. Amory Houghton, Jr., New York Congressman and former chairman of Corning Glass Works With the wisdom of an elder, Bennett Sims redefines servanthood and power. By the time he has explored how they function in history, science, the economy, and theology, it is easy to agree with him that the paradox of servant leadership is our best hope for the future. Barbara Brown Taylor, Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Piedmont College, Demorest, Georgia. Bennett J. Sims is Bishop Emeritus of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta and founder and former president of the Institute for Servant Leadership in Hendersonville, North Carolina.