The Art of Transformation: Three Things Churches Do That Change Everything

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• Everyday actions work to transform life personally and in community
• Develop relationships to work for social change
• Welcome the "other" as source of transformation, life's beauty as revelation of God

It's all too common for Christians to wonder, if Jesus came to bring transformation and wholeness, why do I still feel like the same old me and struggle with the same issues as always? Paul Fromberg, rector of St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco, offers a practical approach to life transformation that proves that church, if done right, can be the catalyst for bringing about real change in people's lives.

For those frustrated that they haven't had real experiences of transformation in their churches and for church leaders who are frustrated that members aren't being transformed by their experiences in church. Fromberg presents a way to move beyond cynicism, sadness, and alienation and reconnect with the deep, passionate, beautiful life that God has in mind for us. The first step is to question assumptions, but it takes relationships to make this change and courage to risk what you know for the sake of being made new. The intersection between beauty, justice, and friendship is the place where people can dare to be transformed. The best gift the church can give is to make transformation a real part of people's lives.

Audience: Post-cynical seekers after God's promise of joy in life; radical followers of Jesus of Nazareth who know the church can do better; post-evangelicals and those who love them; church leaders frustrated that many of their parishioners are not becoming better, kinder, and more loving people; readers of snarky-lovely authors such as Nadia Bolz-Weber and Sara Miles.