This Band of Sisterhood: Black Women Bishops on Race, Faith, and the Church

Morehouse Publishing

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Get to know the first five Black women to be elected diocesan bishops within the Episcopal Church.

During this moment, with the #metoo movement, Black Lives Matter, and the increased feelings of division in our country, Black women clergy in the Episcopal Church have voiced a need to come together, believing that their experiences and concerns may be very different than those of other clergy. That need is answered here in This Band of Sisterhood. They talk about their faith, their leadership, and about being trailblazers.

The five Black women bishops featured in this book can provide a compass for how to journey along these new paths. The five bishops, Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, Carlye J. Hughes, Kimberly Lucas, Shannon MacVean-Brown, and Phoebe A. Roaf, offer honest, vulnerable wisdom from their own lives that speaks to this time in American life.

Both women and men will find this book invaluable in discerning how God might be calling them to use their own leadership skills.

Edited by Westina Matthews. Foreward by Catherine Meeks.

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Westina Matthews
Foreward by:
Catherine Meeks