Welcome to a Life of Faith in the Episcopal Church

Church Publishing

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Perfect for newcomers and confirmation classes

The Episcopal Church has a language and a practice all its own. For a newcomer, these can seem intimidating at first glance. This book takes readers through a Sunday worship experience, and explains the what, the why, and the how of what they might encounter.

Worship is explained, with a quick survey of the Book of Common Prayer, along with frequently encountered vocabulary. How we read the Bible and what we believe about core points of theology are also discussed, especially as these points may differ from what many people assume to be Christian norms. How faith is practiced and its connection to our social and moral lives is discussed. What is the Jesus Movement and how can the Way of Love be lived every day? Finally, a short overview of Episcopal history is included, for the visitor who wonders how we came to be here.

The book concludes with a few of the most frequently asked questions by adults who join the Episcopal Church.

Audience: Newcomers to the church, confirmation classes, older teens, adults

Megan Castellan