Picture of Love - Convalidation Presenter Guide, Revised Edition: Marriage Preparation Program for Engaged Couples

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The Picture of Love Marriage Preparation Program for Engaged Couples explores the joys and challenges of living out the Sacrament of Matrimony with special focus on the importance of inviting Jesus to be the center of marriage and family life. Originally released in 2002, Picture of Love is an officially sanctioned and proven Marriage Preparation Program, currently used in Catholic parishes and dioceses across the nation. The newly revised 2017 version of Picture of Love has received the imprimatur of Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

The Picture of Love Program includes:
• A Leader's Manual with complete instructions and resources for facilitating the session(s) and special reflection questions to help the presenting team share their story.
• Participant Workbooks that assist engaged couples in learning new concepts and sharing their thoughts and feelings with their fiancée/fiancé.
• Interactive activities for engaged couples such as personal reflection, journaling, couple sharing time, role-playing and group exercises.
• Practical resources and tools to help the engaged couples to continue to grow in their relationship.

The Picture of Love topics include:

Sacrament of Matrimony
Family of Origin
Couple Communication and Conflict Resolution
Finances, Budgeting, and Money Management
Married Intimacy
Dreams, Goals, and Decision Making
Marriage and Family Spirituality
Natural Family Planning
Ecumenical and Interfaith Marriages

Based on Amoris Laetitia, over twenty years of evaluations by engaged couples, and the changing influences on marriage and family life in today's world, the following topics are addressed in the 2017-revised edition:

• The impact of today's technology on couple and family relationships and the importance of recognizing the benefits while honestly addressing the challenges.

• The growing use of Pornography and its' impact on married intimacy.

• Theology of the Body as the intimate communion of life and love

• The importance of making Jesus the center of marriage and family life through daily scripture, prayer and service.

Joan Vienna and Virginia Metoyer