Simon's Tree Party (Simon's Tree House Adventures)

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Simon has a brilliant idea. Excited about life in his family's cozy tree house, the young bird wants to share what's great about his tiny home with his animal friends. So he asks his mom for permission to host a yummy lunch, before flying off to spread his grand invitation.
Soaring through the farm while chirping his news, Simon's heart breaks as each invited guest can't attend because they're too big or too tall. And now he's upset his good-time bash with goose, cow, and his other barnyard pals will come to nothing...
Can Simon find a place where all his best buddies can eat and play together?
Simon's Tree Party is the lovingly hand-painted first book in the Simon's Tree House Adventures children's series. If you or your child like heartwarming characters, gorgeous settings, and wonderful bedtime reads, then you'll love Stephen G. Bowling's classic tale.

Stephen G Bowling
Valley of Mexico