Vital Signs of Faith: Finding Health in Your Spiritual Life

Forward Movement

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As the world changes rapidly, Christianity too is changing. Amid this transition, questions arise: How do we know if we are being faithful? How do we know if we are practicing our faith adequately? Just as doctors measure vital signs when determining the health of the body, so we must learn to recognize the vital signs of the life of the spirit as we move into a post-Christian age. We can learn how to cultivate and nourish our faith by paying attention to the four vital signs: God, Give, Grow, and Group.

Small, incremental changes in behavior can improve our physical health, lowering our blood pressure for instance. Author Kate Moorehead Carroll contends the same is true for our spiritual health and offers thoughtful and challenging ways to measure the vital signs of faith so we might improve our spiritual health and find again the essence of our life together, the breath of God in each of us.

Paperback, 5.5" x 8.5", 168 pages

Put this book into practice with your own rule of life card.


Kate Moorehead Carroll